Data Scientist Specialized in NLP and Large Language Models (LLMs)

Job Description

We are a fast-growing company and need people to support and participate in our growth. We’re seeking someone passionate about NLP and new technologies to tackle exciting projects involving NLP techniques and LLMs.  

In your role as a proficient Data Scientist with specialization in NLP and LLMs, you will play a key role in the development and execution of advanced NLP solutions. You will ensure a liaison between emerging technologies and business requirements while providing guidance and mentorship to colleagues and clients within your areas of expertise. 

If this sounds like something you’d love to do daily, don’t hesitate to reach out and connect. 

Your Profile

  • You have obtained a Master’s degree in a relevant field (computer science, statistics, AI, etc.). 
  • You understand NLP techniques and frameworks thoroughly. 
  • You can demonstrate proficiency in machine learning and deep learning. 
  • You are an expert in working with LLMs (GPT, BERT, etc.). 
  • You have programming skills in Python and experience with TensorFlow or PyTorch. 
  • You are familiar with NLP and LLM evaluation metrics. 
  • You have gained experience with Git and Huggingface. 
  • You have hands-on experience with relevant libraries (LangChain, transformers, nltk, scikit-learn, spaCy, TensorFlow, PyTorch, etc.). 
  • You are interested in technology and keep up with new developments 
  • You approach problem-solving with an open-minded and constructive attitude. 

Our offer

  • Python Predictions is a Brussels-based service provider specialized in data projects with business impact.  In January 2020, Python Predictions joined Tobania – a leading Belgian firm in Business, Data, and technology Consulting. 
  • Great variation in job content due to short and long-term missions in different industries, domains, and environments. 
  • A competitive salary, with plenty of fringe benefits. 
  • A diverse team of supportive colleagues with different backgrounds, skills, and interests but shared values who’ll make you feel right at home. 
  • The opportunity to turn these new colleagues into friends during our legendary after-work drinks and other exciting events. 
  • In-company training adapted to your personal needs. 
  • Continuous learning in monthly team meetings and personal development time. 
  • A chance to exploit your talents in our Tobania.Academy and on-the-job coaching. 
  • A workstation at one of our customers’ offices and any of Tobania’s locations!
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