Text Mining

Read between the lines

Many companies already collect a lot of structured data and store it in a data warehouse. However, most companies also have a vast amount of data in the form of text. Getting information out of such data is much harder, but could potentially add a lot of value. How can we tap into this hidden potential?

Machines can read faster than you

Text mining and Natural Language Processing techniques allow a computer to extract meaning out of textual data.

While treating large amounts of documents, such as CVs, invoices or contracts, text mining becomes very handy to extract crucial information automatically and save lots of time.

Customer care is improved and optimised with chat-bots answering questions, insights extraction from comments of call advisors, and tools that automatically read-in the needed information on customers’ invoices and credit cards.

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Our references

Text mining has proven to be efficient to deal with companies massive internal document databases and help tidy them up. Information extraction tools are also well appreciated by customers to make their experience faster and easier.