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Our offering

We solve your business challenges

Python Predictions has solved over 500 business data science challenges. We predict future behaviour of humans and machines. We segment clients and employees. We forecast product demand, build recommendation engines and we analyse your processes. And we always seek truth and beauty in solving business challenges in a data-driven way.

We make data science accessible

Python Predictions has made essential data science concepts accessible to hundreds of managers through interactive, non-technical workshops. We regularly advise clients on their data strategy and help them create analytical roadmaps. And we have provided technical training to many data scientists.

We provide your data expert talent

Anticipating the increasing needs for data science talent, Python Predictions offers different possibilities for long-term collaboration. We help recruit your new talent and we provide data scientists, data science trainees or even team leads on a temporary basis. Quality, motivation and great personality guaranteed.

Data science puts the intelligence in AI. The majority of our work revolves around building and using algorithms in a business context. But solving concrete business challenges is not the only lever to business value. We strongly believe that making data science accessible, and making talent available are key assets in our increasingly data-driven business world.