IoT Analytics

Connectivity is everywhere

More and more connected devices are invented, improved and becoming part of our daily lives. “Connectivity” means “data” and where there is data, there is analytics. IoT devices produce huge amounts of information that can be analysed.

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Volume, Variety and Velocity

Iot Analytics is at the centre of big data. Sensors create tremendous streams of data, with huge variety (frequencies, videos, sounds, numerical) making it very challenging but also very valuable to analyse.

Medical IoT devices produce live information of the condition of patients, and IoT Analytics allows us to predict, detect and warn before a hazardous event would happen.

Within operations, the existence of sensor data can boost the use of well monitored machines, and even hugely improve predictive maintenance efficiency.

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Our references

We used IoT analytics to detect leakages in a manufacturing pipeline. Furthermore, we used biometric data to detect health issues.

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