Capturing hidden patterns

Using predictions is all about making better-informed decisions. Find an answer to questions such as “Who to target? Who will churn? What drives our churn?”. How? By using predictive analytics, increasing efficiency in a broad range of applications. (from marketing to operations, risk and HR).

We create predictions to help steer your decision making.

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Predictions are very useful for effective targeting of prospects and customers, increasing retention, risk scoring, and long-term value calculations.

Predictive analytics relies on building algorithms to make predictions about behaviour, events or attitudes. Using all available information, we predict future events to improve decision making. We create these predictions using algorithms (machine learning or statistical) but we also care to spend time on understanding the business problem and providing intuitive recommendations based on the insights extracted from the drivers of the predictive model.

Predictive algorithms make use of all the information available and chose the best trade-off between precision and interpretability by exploring both state-of-the-art algorithms and traditional ones.

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Our references

Python Predictions has a strong legacy in prediction. The two founders, Wouter and Geert, started the company in 2006 after obtaining their PhD at Ghent University in this domain, and prediction has always been the main activity. We are especially strong when it is not only a technical challenge but when understanding the business problem becomes part of the solution.

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