Delivering Data Projects

Our data strategists know how to make an organization data-driven, appreciate the needs of data engineers, data scientists, business analysts, and higher management, and prioritize your organization’s business objectives.

Why choose Python Predictions?

  • We are a pragmatic partner that prioritizes your business objectives and focuses on maximizing your return-on-investment.
  • We build strategies in collaboration with C-level, but also interact with your IT, business, and data departments to facilitate the transition towards becoming a data-driven organization.
  • Our data strategists have technical experience and therefore understand how to execute data projects and realize data products.
  • We offer multidisciplinary teams that can execute data projects from start to finish. Our expertise is not limited to data science, but extends to every component of The Intelligent Data-driven Organization:
    • Data foundations – future-proof data platforms
    • Business intelligence – insights to deliver impact
    • Data science – artificial intelligence algorithms
    • Information management – common understanding of data


We can staff your organization with:

  • Data project managers who deliver a data product.
  • Data team leads who manage people who work with data or data strategists in interim coaching roles. Read about how we organized people and stakeholder management at Argenta.
  • Data Tribe leads or Chief Data Officers
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Then definitely get in touch with Wouter. He will be happy to schedule a first (virtual) meeting to discuss all your possibilities. Let’s get started!

Wouter Buckinx

Director .Data