Self Service BI

In most organizations, business managers and directors rely on IT departments to create data analysis or reports for business goals. This traditional method has allowed IT to have more control on the data quality, but also slows down the speed of fast strategic decision making from business.

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More control of your own data

The establishment of a solid Self Service BI allows your business users to have more control of their own data by using their expertise to analyze the data in depth, while IT will focus on how data will be ingested and managed from the back end. Analyst will be capable of sharing reports and datasets with end users, giving these business users the ability to create reports based on the shared dataset to conduct their own analysis, all within the boundaries that the IT department sets.

Together we can enable Self Service BI in order to allow your users to get more educated and involved with their own data, have more ownership and insuring of in depth analysis and fast decision-making.

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