Process Mining

What if your process turns out to be a spaghetti

“You can’t improve what you don’t measure” lies at the core of process mining. How can you start redesigning your processes, if you have no view on how your processes run in practice? Process mining is the perfect tool to unlock the as-is situation based on data to identify improvement points.

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Revealing the real processes

The first thing that pops up when thinking about processes is often perfectly designed flow charts. It’s no surprise that processes can show many deviations to how it was originally designed, negatively impacting customer satisfaction, costs, and resources.

Process mining can help to see the forest for the trees. Especially when processes are spread across multiple departments, making it difficult to get the complete end-to-end view. First, process mining allows us to quantify the as-is situation: identifying bottlenecks and deep diving on important process deviations to better understand the drivers of these deviations. Once there, it provides the essential knowledge needed to start improving your internal processes and keep visualising and monitoring the flows in the future.

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Our references

We prefer to use analytics on processes with a direct link to the customer, where process mining is often referred to as customer journey analytics. Among our references, we’ve been optimising the sales process of a new product and the process of a customer moving to a new address.

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