Developing a Data Roadmap

Data Roadmap Development is a thorough process that guides your organization through the process of becoming data-driven. Like mapping a route to unexplored territories, our approach provides a balanced journey that helps your organization succeed in the data-driven landscape, based on a clearly formulated data strategy.

We specialize in turning visions into reality by:

  1. translating your data strategy into an actionable roadmap.
  2. guiding data office through tough challenges.
  3. coaching and training data managers and product owners.
  4. managing data programs and project management of specific use cases.

Translating Strategy into an Actionable Roadmap

Embarking on a data-driven journey is a visionary step, but translating that vision into tangible outcomes requires a well-crafted roadmap. Our Data Roadmap Development service specializes creating a roadmap that prescribes specific investments for bridging the gap between the way you currently use your data and your vision of how you want to work with data. Some examples of recommendations are the following:

You may want to be able to react quicker to events. This may require a data platform that automatically collects data and processes them fast, such that they are available on-demand to your analysts. This will probably also require increased storage capacity. It will often make sense to run your data operations on the cloud, as this removes the need for investment in physical servers and reduces operational costs. It’s also the most future-proof strategy, as extra computing power and storage capacity are only a few mouse-clicks away. An additional advantage is that it will likely reduce your ecological footprint.
You may already employ people who can extract insights from data, but it will still be worth the investment to raise the data literacy of other employees through trainings. This can be accompanied by change management to nurture a habit of relying on data for making decisions. Read about trainings we have delivered for, among others, Voka, Solvay, and NCOI.

Guiding Data Office through Tough Challenges

Our seasoned experts provide a steady hand, offering insights, strategies, and solutions that turn obstacles into stepping stones. Together, we’ll steer your data office towards informed decisions, ensuring that feasibility hurdles are surmounted and information becomes a strategic asset, not a stumbling block.

Coaching and Training Data Managers and Product Owners

A successful data journey hinges on the capabilities of your data managers and product owners. Our Data Roadmap Development service extends beyond traditional consulting. We take pride in nurturing your in-house talent through targeted coaching and comprehensive training. Our tailored programs equip your teams with the skills to orchestrate data initiatives effectively, fostering a culture where data-driven decisions become second nature. Together, we cultivate a cohort of confident data champions poised to lead your organization towards data excellence.

Data Program and Project Management of Specific Use-Cases

Our Data Roadmap Development service specializes in taking your specific use-cases from vision to reality. With a proven track record of steering complex data initiatives, we deftly manage every facet of your projects, ensuring seamless execution and optimal resource utilization. Our hands-on approach drives efficiency, mitigates risks, and delivers measurable outcomes.

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