Network Analysis

Adding a layer of analytics

Social networks are at the heart of our daily lives. However, using Networks Analytics to tackle business problems is often neglected. We’ve seen great value in its power to visualise data and reveal complex patterns.

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We need to go deeper

The human brain can grasp the first-degree, or sometimes even second-degree connections someone has with another. But it gets tricky when we add more layers. Network analysis has the incredible power to analyse these deeply linked relationships and reveal unexpected patterns. Think for example of -often very creative- methods that fraudulent networks use to deceive insurers. These are almost impossible to spot without any specialised network algorithms.

On top of that, network visualisations are very intuitive to interpret, making it a very powerful combo with the detected patterns.

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Our references

Most of our references are linked to detecting suspicious patterns. For example, we’ve helped to detect ticketing fraud within the event industry.

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