Computer Vision

Data in pixels

Data comes in many forms, in this case in the form of digital images or videos. Extracting information from digital images can help you better understand and automate business processes and decisions.

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Fast & furious

Computer vision deals with how we understand digital images or videos and automate human tasks in a faster and sometimes also more accurate way. Artificial intelligence (AI) enables us to identify and classify objects from images using recognition software and deep learning. The types of images can range from photos and videos in the visible spectrum to the infrared and thermal spectrum, to even medical imaging scans.

Computer vision can be used in a whole range of different sectors such as insurance, retail, and healthcare. On the one hand, enterprises can generate significant business value by increasing efficiency and reducing costs by automating business processes. On the other hand, customer revenue can be increased by offering the right products to the right client based on product images.

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Our references

‘Van De Velde’ is a proud Belgian family-owned company designing, producing, and selling luxurious lingerie. For them, we’ve built a recommender system which analyses images from the old and new collections. Based on the previous purchases of clients, we could offer them products in their personal style from the new collection.

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