We make data accessible

Python Predictions has made essential data science concepts accessible to hundreds of managers through interactive, non-technical workshops. We regularly advise clients on their data strategy and help them create analytical roadmaps.

We have also provided hands-on workshops and technical training to many data scientists, preparing them to move through the data-driven world of business with confidence.

Managers in the driving seat

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Since 2015, Python Predictions delivers regular workshops specifically designed for managers. In those workshops, we focus on the essential, non-technical components to succeed in the domain. In co-creation workshops, we develop analytical roadmaps, leading to a concrete list of feasible and valuable project ideas.

We strongly believe in the pivotal role of management in increasing adoption and maturity of data science.


This course equips managers with the knowledge and insights needed to lead effectively and make informed decisions in today’s data-driven business landscape. We give you valuable tools to explore possible data solutions in your industry, understand the building blocks of a mature data organization, and get to know different data profiles.

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Improving the data literacy of your workforce

Python Predictions can help prepare your employees for the AI revolution and improve their data literacy. We offer a full menu of different technical courses that can be tailored to your specific business needs.


The course is specifically designed to cultivate a data-driven mindset and equip employees with the necessary skills to harness the power of data in their decision-making and problem-solving processes. Participants will develop a solid foundation in data literacy and analytical thinking.

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Preparing data scientists for the real world

Python Predictions also organizes hackathons to enhance classroom instruction with hands-on experience.


Through a series of practical exercises, participants will gain proficiency in applying data science algorithms and exploring their possibilities. By following the necessary steps to tackle a real-world data science project, participants learn to unleash the power of data to uncover valuable insights.

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Accelerating your talent development

Since 2006, we have enabled our clients’ internal teams to build and apply algorithms in a business context. Upon request, we organise in-company training sessions for data scientists. We regularly provide coaching of internal experts in their missions. And we frequently contribute to training sessions in business schools and AI communities.



Our offering

Data Foundations

AI, personalisation, strategic decisions, data products and a data-driven business: do you know what these have in common? They all rely on data. Every analytics journey starts with laying strong Data Foundations.

Data Strategy

We strongly believe that every business and organisation needs a data strategy. Data has become one of the most important business assets for companies. It is important to approach this asset strategically, in order to figure out what data is needed and how this data can be used to improve your business performance.

Data Science

We predict future behaviour of humans and machines. We segment clients and employees. We forecast product demand, build recommendation engines and we analyse your processes. And we always seek truth and beauty in solving business challenges in a data-driven way.

Business Intelligence

In the current changing business environment, directors and managers are constantly under pressure to make fast and accurate decisions. Faster decision making and identification of patterns or new business opportunities has not only become a competitive advantage but also a need for reaching your company’s strategic goals.

Data helps create value by enabling better decision making. Our work revolves around making data work in a business context. We help our customers leverage data by developing strategies, implementing modern data infrastructures, developing algorithms, and building dashboards.
We strongly believe that data-driven organizations are capable of better decision making, enabling further growth, and increasing business value.