Data Platforms

A performant data platform enables your organization to make the most out of your data. Modern data platforms are the foundation of an effective data-driven organization, providing a centralized and scalable solution for data storage, processing, and analysis. As a result, data is at the ready for the ones who need it, allowing for more efficient dashboarding, real-time analytics, data science use-cases, deployment of machine learning models, etc.

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A Data Platform ...

  • is the unified infrastructure that provides the tools, security and governance for an organization’s data teams and applications. 
  • is modular: consists of easy-to-use, off-the-shelf components
  • enables businesses to gain valuable insights, make data-driven decisions, and drive innovation.
  • meets an organization’s end-to-end data needs.
  • can support BI, ML, AI and other operational use cases.
  • provides the infrastructure for application-specific data pipelines.

Data Platforms: Central Technology

Data warehousing

A data warehouse is a central repository where large amounts of data can be stored and integrated from different sources. Because the data is treated and processed, the warehouse acts as a single source of truth, ready to be used by business intelligence applications, self-service BI and many others. A performant data warehouse is robust, scalable and maintainable to allow for sharing and generating insights faster. We are happy to guide you through the jungle and make your analytics journey a walk in the park.

Data lake(house)s

A data lake can combine raw data from different sources and formats into a single, central location. Because raw data is stored in a scalable way, data lakes are highly durable at a lower cost. By breaking down the traditional data silo’s, your data can be found in one convenient location. This empowers all current and future data-driven applications in your organisation: predictive models, dashboards, etc.

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