Data Platforms

A performant data platform enables your organization to make the most out of your data. Modern data platforms are flexible and will only provide the amounts of storage and computation power you need. Data is at the ready for the ones who need it, allowing for more efficient dashboarding, real-time analytics, data science use-cases, deployment of machine learning models, etc.

Data warehousing

A data warehouse is a central repository where large amounts of data can be stored and integrated from different sources. Because the data is treated and processed, the warehouse acts as a single source of truth, ready to be used by business intelligence applications, self-service BI and many others. A performant data warehouse is robust, scalable and maintainable to allow for sharing and generating insights faster. We are happy to guide you through the jungle and make your analytics journey a walk in the park.

Data lake(house)s

A data lake can combine raw data from different sources and formats into a single, central location. Because raw data is stored in a scalable way, data lakes are highly durable at a lower cost. By breaking down the traditional data silo’s, your data can be found in one convenient location. This empowers all current and future data-driven applications in your organisation: predictive models, dashboards, etc.

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