Article recommender system for the EIB


European Investment Bank



We implemented a recommender system to suggest the next interesting articles to read on the website of the European Investment Bank.

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is the bank of the European Union. The EIB helps economies flourish, creates jobs and promotes equality. Since 1958, the EIB has provided loans and expert advice for thousands of projects in over 160 countries. 

The EIB wanted to get more people interested in their website content, like blog posts and press releases, so that people would know about their work, and support it.

We provided the EIB with a recommender system that suggests the next interesting articles to read, based on the content (titles, keywords, text) of the article that the website visitor is currently reading.

With this solution built into their website, the EIB can now fully automatically suggest articles to read, instead of just relying on tags (“climate”/“France”/…) that authors have to add manually when publishing an article. As a result, the visitor sees more relevant and interesting suggestions, which makes it more likely that the visitor will learn more about the EIB’s activities.