Elevating European Skies: Our Collaborative Journey with Eurocontrol’s NM Lab





Our solution

Data Science

Eurocontrol is a pan-European, civil-military organization dedicated to supporting European aviation. As the network manager, they operate the air traffic management network in Europe and beyond, ensuring the smooth flow of traffic by addressing challenges strategically, operationally and technically.

In our collaboration with Eurocontrol, we teamed up with the Network Management Labo (Digi Lab). This department proposes measures to enhance the air traffic flow management on the day of operation. Through this collaboration, we provided advanced analytics expertise to the NM Operational Center, French, and Spanish air navigation service providers, and had the opportunity to work on challenging and meaningful projects.

In our successful collaboration, we applied solutions to analyze flights’ delay patterns and traffic flows data, providing impactful leads as a base for tactical improvements in the network used in summer 2024.


“Balancing Operational knowledge with data-driven facts enabled us to uncover hidden solution that where lying just in front of our nose. The journey with Ops staff from expert judgment to data-driven is our contribution to the Digital European Sky.” –  Benjamin Cramet – NM Lab Lead