Data Fast Track: Empowering the Data Science Team of Port of Antwerp-Bruges 


Port of Antwerp Bruges



Our solution


Port of Antwerp-Bruges, as a vibrant hub for global trade and commerce, is an important player in the Belgian economy. It is an environment where data, in many different formats, is continuously generated and consumed around the clock.  

In a dedicated two-day training, we conducted a “Data Fast Track” program for 2 starting data scientists. Our program introduced the participants to crucial AI & data science topics, encompassing data engineering, business intelligence, statistical analysis and others. With a focus on practical applications, we equipped the participants with the tools to navigate the modern data landscape. Additionally, we introduced them to COBRA, our interpretable machine learning tool, enhancing their capabilities in the typical data science workflow.  

It was a great opportunity to deepen our long-standing working relationship and help Port of Antwerp-Bruges on their data science journey. We look forward to more opportunities to share insights and experiences.