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A need-based segmentation for PIN (NGO) and the municipality of Machelen-Diegem

Our segmentation produced insights into the needs of people who have recently immigrated to Belgium and helped Partners in Integration (PIN) and the municipality of Machelen-Diegem collect better data.

In the context of our recently launched ‘Internships for Good’ program, a final-year student in Business Economics carried out a need-based segmentation for an NGO, with the help of one of our consultants.  

Partners in Integration is an NGO that helps people who have recently immigrated to Belgium integrate more easily into our society. PIN wanted to explore whether their client base in Machelen-Diegem could be divided into groups of people with similar needs. We carried out a cluster analysis that provided an initial segmentation and followed up with recommendations for data collection that will allow a more fine-grained segmentation in the future. 

This project was considered a triple win: PIN received help with their data-analysis problem, our consultant garnered coaching experience, and last but not least, the student did so well that he will soon be joining our team as a junior data scientist!