We helped Atradius Collections in their continuous collection optimalization process, introducing AI



We teamed up with Atradius Collections in their continuous collection optimalization process by introducing AI and predictive analytics. The main goal was to set the foundation for Atradius Collections’ journey to becoming even more data-driven, by creating a transparent, explainable and maintainable AI driven solution. 

We created an AI driven end-to-end application to score incoming debt collection cases. This application incorporates the full data process, including data preprocessing and cleaning, scoring and an overarching governance and MLOps framework to ensure stable and trustworthy predictions. Additionally, we also provided a separate sandbox environment allowing Atradius to test different scenarios and refine their analysis processes where needed. As usual we delivered the project with our key convictions of customer intimacy and offering tailored solutions to the client’s needs.  

This E2E solution marks just the beginning of Atradius Collections’ AI journey. We look forward to continuing our collaboration and helping them to refine and expand their capabilities in this domain.