Data fast track

You see these amazing stories about how data is changing the world. You want to kickstart or reboot your career in an inspiring and innovative domain. You would like to contribute to concrete data projects. Perhaps you like to analyze data, build fantastic dashboards, predict future behavior, set up data platforms or make rock-solid data pipelines. But you’re only at the beginning of your journey – so how do you get started? The answer is simple:

Practical details

Our Data Fast Track

The Data Fast Track is a 4-week full time onboarding program for new team members in October 2022. This program packs everything needed to succeed in your job in our team. Whether you dream of a role as a data scientist, data engineer, analytics translator or information expert, you learn the basics of what it means for modern organizations to be data-driven. You get introductions into all domains and competences (business, technical, analytical, legal) needed in modern companies to succeed.

But wait, there is more. You also gain a view on the essential technical, consulting and business skills that will help you succeed in your role. We introduce you to competence centers and key people in our organization and you obtain a full understanding of our way of work. And you practice your skills in an internal challenge related to your interests. You will be assigned to a coach, and work together with your coach on a concrete development plan for your first year in our team.

After this 4 week program, you’re ready to show and grow your skills in real life projects at our clients – where you’ll join our more experienced team members in their challenges.

Our Culture

Joining Python Predictions is being part of a team of colleagues driven by one unique culture based on honesty, solidarity, equality, feedback, transparency and fun! It’s a healthy mix of juniors and seniors, business and technical profiles sharing knowledge and a common passion for creating impact through data projects. We offer a unique opportunity to thrive in the domains you master and to be trained in the ones you are eager to learn more about. The end goal? Solving challenging business problems for clients from various industries – obviously using data. Need more arguments?

  • Our management has over 15 years of experience in running a team of data profiles
  • The whole team works together to reach the same strategy, and those with interest help build the strategy
  • We value the opinion of everyone in the team, and have a flat team structure
  • We allow you to take responsibility early in your career. And we supply great opportunities to grow fast
  • We care as much about the interests of our team members, as about developing their skills
  • We all understand our challenges and help each other grow – everyone has a coach
  • We’re a young and dynamic group of people and we’re growing fast
  • We offer a competitive salary, with plenty of fringe benefits.

Have a look at what our colleagues say about working with us:

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About you

Are you freshly graduated and looking to make your first steps in the world of data? Or did you discover your passion for data along the way and are you looking for a career switch? Do you already know that your heart lies with data science, engineering or BI? Or do these titles not mean much to you and all you know is that you just love data?

Interested to learn more about our Data Fast Track? We’d love to get to know you better.

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Practical details

  • Balanced, full time onboarding program starting on October 3, ends on October 28
  • Candidates are screened in advance. Those accepted for the Data Fast Track will be offered a long-term contract before the start of the program
  • Don’t wait to apply – once our seats are filled, we’ll close the opportunity