Leading by Example: Using Data Analytics to Improve Employee Satisfaction at Tobania

At Python Predictions, we’re committed to helping our clients unlock the full potential of their data. But we’re not just talk – we’re committed to walking the walk ourselves too. Recently, we embarked on a data analysis project focused on improving employee well-being within our parent company, Tobania.

We applied our expertise in data analytics to extract insights from data on absences and employee retention at Tobania. We identified key areas for improvement and took the first steps to implement an automated and robust reporting structure. Thanks to these insights, the HR department identify patterns and trends, make informed decisions, and plan strategically to improve employee satisfaction.

With this project, we have shown that we are dedicated to using our expertise to make a positive impact both internally and externally. Furthermore, this was not our first internal data mission, as we have helped our parent company with a process mining analysis of the staffing procedure in the past. Read the article here.