Data Foundations

Backbone for your enterprise

Every data-driven solution, may it be churn prediction, customer segmentation or real-time product recommendations, starts with having the right data, at the right time, at the right place. With robust, maintainable and scalable data foundations, your analytical journey is ready to be launched.

The building blocks of your analytical journey

Say goodbye to manual work and spreadsheets everywhere! Having automated systems which produce fresh data every day is the new standard. The journey starts with ingesting and storing your data. Together, we build reliable data pipelines with best engineering practices in mind and find the right storage which fits your needs.

Once the data is in place, it’s time to create analytical workspaces for your analysts and Data Scientists. Allowing them to discover actionable insights and build predictive models, directly adds value to your business without spending unnecessary time on data wrangling.

Together, we go even one step further. Every modern data platform needs monitoring, automation, tools for continuous integration, deployment and reproducibility. Benefit from our expertise and experience to reduce time-to-action, lower cost and build user-friendly environments.

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Our references

The priority need for strong data foundations scores high across every industry. Whether it’s migration to the cloud or digesting, transforming and storing data, we are ready to be your wingman. Together with our extensive experience in model deployment and monitoring, we are able to accompany you on your journey from start to finish.

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Wouter Buckinx

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