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Organisations do not become data-driven overnight. Insights from data science & business intelligence, enabled by data foundations & data strategy, can help organisations meet their strategic goals. 

Welcome to Python Predictions, where you are happily guided along the data highway.


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Data Foundations

AI, personalisation, strategic decisions, data products and a data-driven business: do you know what these have in common? They all rely on data. Every analytics journey starts with laying strong Data Foundations.

Data Strategy

Organizations that want to become more data-driven should rely on a strategy that outlines when and where to make data-related investments in people, processes, and technology. A well-considered data strategy focuses on achieving the organization’s business objectives and guarantees a positive return on the investments.

Data Science

We predict future behaviour of humans and machines. We segment clients and employees. We forecast product demand, build recommendation engines and we analyse your processes. And we always seek truth and beauty in solving business challenges in a data-driven way.

Business Intelligence

In the current changing business environment, directors and managers are constantly under pressure to make fast and accurate decisions. Faster decision making and identification of patterns or new business opportunities has not only become a competitive advantage but also a need for reaching your company’s strategic goals.



A data-driven customer-centric approach

We help increase targeting efficiency and relevance for marketing campaigns across different marketing channels. Typical challenges include segmentation, customer acquisition, cross-selling, retention and customer journey analytics.


Increase detection of risk and fraudulent behaviour

Human judgment alone does not suffice to adequately estimate future risk. Typical challenges include estimating creditworthiness, efficient debt collection and detection of fraudulent behaviour.


Smarter analytics towards operational excellence

Huge benefits today lie in increasing operational efficiency. Typical challenges include increasing efficiency of internal processes, predicting machine failure, optimising stock volumes and maximising production output vs minimising waste and pollution.


Towards smarter data driven HR decisions

An increasing number of companies is using data to support evidence-based decision making in HR. Typical challenges include improved planning through demand forecasting, recruitment, development and retention of staff.


We make your business data-driven and have plenty of success cases of applied data solutions.

Founded in 2006, Python Predictions is active in b2b and b2c retail, financial services, utilities, telecommunications and fundraising. In January 2020, Python Predictions joined Tobania – the leading Belgian business & technology consulting firm that guides their clients through digital business transformation.

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